Negative Pressure Air Conditioning System – Athens Naval Hospital

Air Conditioning and Ventilation System of Two Negative Pressure Cubicles.The facility belongs to N (Negative Pressure N) pressure class. It is appropriate for the care of individuals who have been exposed to PBX threats and for patients suffering from infectious diseases, which are transmitted through droplets.

Water Coolers and Cooling Towers 2x33RT – Ministry of Finance

The project object was the replacement of Cooling Towers, Pipes, Pumps and Low Voltage Fields in the central building’s refrigerator. Two water-cooled chillers were installed with SCREW compressors and paralleled to a Hydraulic Network, which was isolated from the rest of the installation. A cold water supply management system was installed in the building’s secondary network, adapting to the current building needs. This system consists of three Inverter controlled displacement pumps.To remove the air from the pipeline, an automatic degasser and a particle separator have been installed. The cooling coils were placed on the roof of the building in a parallel connection. In order to reduce the noise during the operating hours, noise traps were placed in the air inlet. Each Purgator has an Inverter-controlled centrifugal fan. The Cooling Tower circuit, as well as the entire air conditioning installation, is controlled by a Central Control System, which was designed and installed by of our company.Three-way valves, that securely enable the startup of each chiller, have been used. The Sequence of Operation is the key to the effective function of the installation.

Supply and Installation of Two Water-Refrigerated Water Chillers – Ministry of Health

The subject of the project is the replacement of two 130 RT Coolant Groups, the installation of a Parallel System and the separation of the primary and secondary networks. The Chillers and the Parallel System are made by the TRANE building company. The hydraulic and electrical installation was completed by AGtech workshops. The Tracer SC Parallelism System allows the reduction of energy consumption in relation to the weather and the changing requirements of the installation, equally distributes the operating hours of the coolers, records diagnostic messages, provides access to all operating parameters of each chiller and allows the installation to be monitored via any Ethernet network from any Web-enabled PC. The Building Maintenance Technicians monitor and control the installation through the Tracer TD7 Touchscreen Graphics Environment, from which the Air Conditioning Programming is performed on an annual basis.

Air Conditioning Installation in Negative Pressure Chambers – «Sotiria» Athens Hospital

Air Conditioning and Vacuuming Systems for Infectious Diseases.Suction Control with Automatic Control Units, Inverters and Absolute Filters.The installation is fully autonomous with Heat Pump, Central Air Conditioning Units, Power Board and a Ventilation Unit with a safe replacement of absolute filters.A special arrangement allows the system to operate efficiently in the interim periods, where the operating mode is switched from cooling to heating on a daily basis.