Refurbishment – Supreme Court Building (Areios Pagos)

Medium Voltage Field Replacement, Oil Dehumidification and two 500 KVA generators Maintenance, Low Voltage Field Replacement, Displacement and Connector HZ 270 KVA. Prior to connecting the medium voltage cables, a dielectric strength test was performed. 30 KVAR Protection and Permanent Compensation Plans were placed in the area. In the new Low Voltage Fields a 300 KVAR Automatic Compensation Cabinet was installed. The work was completed in two phases. In the first phase, work was carried out on the Medium Voltage Fields. In the second phase, work was completed to replace GLPFs. In each phase, the power didn’t last longer than 48 hours.

Air Conditioning Engine Room – Ministry of Finance

The welding work on the steel tube piping network was performed by our certified technical staff. After its completion, the welding seams were checked by a portable ultrasound device, through which the position and the depth of the possible imperfections can be traced. During the delivery of the project, certificates of testing and regulation of both Hydraulic and Electrical Installations were submitted.

Electromechanical Installations at Drosia Nursery Station

Bioclimatic Design with a combination of Passive Energy Saving Systems (sunshades, window frames, glazing, insulations), Orientation, Exploitation of Solar Radiation for Hot Water Production and Heat Pump System for Energy Saving.